Meeting on the MESA 2023

We are Silver Sponsor of the Alliance for Regenerative Medicine’s 2023 Cell and Gene Meeting on the Mesa 2023.

Cell and Gene Meeting on the Mesa is North America’s leading gathering of experts and leaders in the cell and gene therapy sector.

We look forward to connecting with senior executives and top stakeholders to tackle the most pressing issues in rAAV manufacturing and learn from 3 days exploring the latest challenges, developments, and innovations in #genetherapy.  

When: Carlsbad, California
Where: October 10 – 12.

Meeting on the Mesa

Meet the team:

neDNA™: first option for critical starting material for rAAV manufacturing

neDNA™, TAAV-manufactured enzymatic DNA, is an alternative to plasmid for rAAV manufacturing. It is designed to transform and accelerate the traditional Gene Therapy Development Timelines.

TAAV’s enzymatic DNA is a synthetic, linear, double-stranded, closed-ended molecule which we aim to be the new standard for transfection-based rAAV generation.

neDNA™ intends to be safer producing higher and faster yields at lower costs than plasmid.

✔ Likely Safer ✔ Higher Yield ✔ Scalable ✔ Faster to Manufacture ✔ Robust 

See you in California!

Happy Holidays 2023