Life Science Review Interview with our CEO, Dolores Baksh – May 2023

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The latest edition of Life Science Review covers our story!

There are many clinical trials targeted to treat rare diseases that are based on gene therapy techniques. A common element in most genetically based clinical studies is gene delivery systems, which include recombinant adeno associated viruses (rAAV).

These clinical trials require a critical starting material, such as plasmid DNA (pDNA).

While commonly employed, pDNA generation comprises long lead times due to a complicated bacteria-based manufacturing process, which often results in recombination and mutation events at the AAV inverted terminal repeats.

Discover how TAAV circumvents these hurdles by offering an alternative to plasmids — neDNA™, TAAV manufactured enzymatic DNA.

neDNA™ is produced using an enzymatic process that allows for rapid generation of DNA molecules, within a matter of days, leading to faster turnaround times and speed to clinic.

The generation of pDNA, by comparison, comprises long lead times due the E.coli-based manufacturing, a process with large footprint, that can result in low yields and heterogeneity of the final product due to the amplification of complex and unstable sequences, and even batch failure.

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