neDNA™: Enzymatic DNA Production Plant


TAAV occupies 14,500 sqft (1,350 m²) of state-of-the-art facility for manufacturing neDNA™, Enzymatic DNA production, distributed across Offices, Development, Manufacturing and Quality Control areas.

The current manufacturing capacity is 200 grams of neDNA™ per year with capability for rapid scale-up/expansion to 500 grams/yr in less than 6 months.

Our facility is comprised of four neDNA™ suites and additional support labs, that are specifically designed for the manufacture of high quality neDNA™.

14,500 sqft

of state-of-the-art facility

200 g/neDNA™

per year

Where we are

A well-connected network

Located in Gipuzkoa Science and Technology Park, San Sebastian (Spain).

At the heart of the Basque Country, next to the Atlantic Ocean and the Pyrenees. 

Long known as a tourist and culinary destination, San Sebastian has recently become a city of science and technology.

The Basque Country is the best-connected region in Europe according to the Financial Times and one of the most successful regions in terms of its strategy for attracting foreign investment (2016-2017 ranking).

Your partner for DNA manufacturing is located in San Sebastian (Spain)

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