What is behind our T?

TAAV neDNA Enzymatic DNA Manufacturing What Our T Means

TAAV started its journey as a company in 2019 and since then, we mantain our essence. That essence is materialized in the T of our name.

Get to know the story behind it.

Our privilege at TAAV is to collaborate in the development of an unprecedented industry with the amazing power to transform the future.

Over the last years we are observing how many clinical trials targeted to treat rare diseases are based on gene therapy techniques. A common element in most genetically based clinical studies is gene delivery systems, which include recombinant adenoassociated viruses (rAAV).

These clinical trials require a critical starting material, such as plasmid DNA (pDNA). While commonly employed, pDNA generation comprises long lead times due to a complicated bacteria based manufacturing process, which often results in recombination and mutation events at the AAV inverted terminal repeats. TAAV offers enzymatic DNA, neDNA™, as an alternative to plasmids.

Innovation drives us to deliver this critical starting material for rAAV gene therapy developers.

But…what is behind our T? Three essential parts:

  • Patient’s focus
  • Customers at the core.
  • Inspired by our Team.

Our T is the result of how we understand our commitment: patients, clients an our team come together in our goal to Transform gene therapy with our breakthrough technology.

All are included, all are needed.

Download our corporate deck and learn more about our company.

Happy Holidays 2023