rAAV Manufacturing — Enzymatic DNA for Achieving a Robust & High-Quality DNA Supply.

Enzymatic DNA for Achieving a Robust & High-Quality DNA Supply

Watch now our webinar: rAAV Manufacturing — Enzymatic DNA for Achieving a Robust & High-Quality DNA Supply.

In this webinar, our speakers Leticia Agúndez and Lucía San Miguel present the TAAV-manufactured enzymatic DNA process and product, featuring the advantages of the technology, such as regulatory benefits of using a bacterial-free DNA vector, leading to a more efficient and robust production.

The speakers discuss the quality control and assurance system that enables TAAV to provide a high quality product that can support an efficient rAAV manufacturing process throughout all phases of development from preclinical to clinical.

Watch it on-demand now: https://xtalks.com/webinars/raav-manufacturing-enzymatic-dna-for-achieving-a-robust-high-quality-dna-supply/

Learn more about neDNA™: https://taav.com/technology

neDNA™ is designed to prioritize safety and accelerate timelines.

Gene therapies are expected to experiment significant advances in the upcoming years.

These breakthrough innovations are reshaping how we address previously untreatable diseases transforming people’s lives.

After many decades of work, the future of gene therapy is incredibly promising. And neDNA™, Enzymatic DNA Manufacturing, can be the first option for critical starting material for rAAV manufacturing.

Advantages of neDNA™: an alternative to plasmids
Plasmids have several major bottlenecks in gene therapy manufacturing, and one specifically that we solve with neDNA™: Production of plasmids may result in their genetic instability, which makes them susceptible to changes in sequence, particularly when encoding complex viral vectors.

Our neDNA™ approach intends to be safer producing higher and faster yields at lower costs than plasmid.

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